When embarking on a commercial construction project, you want to find a construction company that has value, quality, courtesy, experience, and professionalism. Before hiring a professional, you want to do your research and ask key questions to find the right match for the size and scope of your project.

From renovating your retail space to outfitting your office space to be more energy efficient, going with the wrong contractor is going to be costly and downright frustrating. Here are five questions to ask construction managers before signing on the dotted line.

1. Are you licensed, insured and bonded?

Licensed means the company and its employees have the necessary education, training, apprenticeships, etc., to qualify for the work you are asking of them. Their licenses should be up to date.

An insured contractor has liability insurance. This protects you if anyone is hurt or if there is damage to your property during the project. Bonded refers to the contractor’s surety coverage, a form of insurance that protects all parties if the project is never completed, if permits are not paid for, or the contractor fails to meet financial obligations.

2. What guarantees and warranties come with your work?

From tenant improvements to ground-up construction projects, it should all come with a firm, written warranty, guaranteeing the work and stipulations of what happens if you do not get what you expected. Good contractors will give you anywhere between 12 and 24 months to perform reasonable work that falls within the original contract.

3. Do you have client references?

Commercial construction clients past and present are excellent resources for seeing how a company delivers. The company should have a history that corresponds with your needs.

4. Will I have a project manager?

A point of contact will be important to any tenant improvement or ground-up construction project. Bringing your concerns and even your compliments to a familiar face will make for a growing relationship.

5. How many projects does the construction company have and how many do they have coming up?

What you really want to know is how dedicated the company will be to your commercial construction project.

Ask these questions and get the answers you need for your next commercial project.

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