The best opportunity to save money and time, and to improve the predictability of cost, schedule, and quality on a commercial construction project is during the pre-construction phase when plans are the most flexible. At CB, we work collaboratively to add value to a wide range of projects, including creative offices, government projects, healthcare, industrial, restaurants, and retail. Here are some of the pre-construction services we provide our clients to help set their projects up for success.

Project Budgeting and Tracking.

Although construction costs are often the largest portion of a project budget, there are many other costs that must be identified and tracked to ensure a project’s financial success.

Building Your Project Team.

A great deal of time is typically spent selecting the team members (designers and builders) for a construction project, that the determination of each of those team members’ responsibilities is often overlooked. CB assigns these responsibilities and holds all parties accountable throughout the pre-construction process.                        

LEED® Process Facilitation.

“Green” is a word that is used in many aspects of our daily lives, but in the construction world, “green” is measured by formal rating systems, such as the LEED® rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. CB has planned and built sustainable projects, while balancing the project costs to produce a building that is both environmentally and financially responsible.

Positive Experiences.

CB has a long-standing culture of teaching and learning. This culture is of great benefit to our clients, especially through our practice of passing on our lessons learned from project to project. This ensures that our clients get the collective benefit of all our employees’ knowledge and our decades of experience.


Collaborative Scheduling.

CB uses a project software to produce and track pre-construction and initial construction schedules that assist our clients in understanding timelines and phase durations. We also spend a great deal of time with vendors, subcontractors, and your staff to ensure that all aspects of the project, not just construction activities, are accurately reflected in the project planning efforts.

Building Performance Consulting.

CB experience benefit is seen through every phase of a commercial construction project starting with the review of project documents for constructability and durability concerns, and continues with technical review of building envelopes, finishes and systems to ensure peak performance and cost-effectiveness.


CB’s estimating consists of a series of price points that provides the owner, designers and contractor with a comprehensive understanding of the project, schedule, constraints and costs prior to the start of construction.

Site Logistics Mapping and Phasing.

Determining the organization of a site early, and effectively conveying that layout to all affected parties, is critical to ensuring a successful construction project. CB has helped clients navigate the process of mapping out their site logistics on the most complex projects.

At CB, our team offers valuable insight into early analysis of design, budget, materials, equipment, subcontractors, and scheduling. Informed decisions throughout the pre-construction phase can significantly impact time and money. Contact us today to discuss your construction needs.