Construction Delivery: Our Proven Method

Project Delivery is a comprehensive process including planning, design, and construction required to execute and complete a building facility or other type of project. Choosing a project delivery method is one of the fundamental decisions owners make while developing their acquisition strategy.

With decades of experience, we have developed a proven method based on best practices carried out throughout the construction industry. Creative Builds delivers projects that are on time, on scope and on budget. We are able to do this through adherence to our method that ensures the highest quality standards throughout the project process.

Superior Performance And Quality

We specialize in superior quality projects with most having been completed under very tight budget and schedule requirements. Our hard earned local reputation is at stake and we will not be satisfied unless all your project goals are met or exceeded and customer satisfaction achieved.

Our Project Approach And Work Plan

Our project approach will be jointly developed with your staff and architects to specifically meet your unique project needs.

  • Pre-Construction Phase. Creative Builds offers the most comprehensive pre-construction services and technical support staff for your project. Our extensive knowledge of estimating, scheduling and local construction requirements and governmental approvals makes us a valuable choice for your building program.

  • Bidding Phase. Construction performance rests with the subcontractors and suppliers who build the facility. Our extensive experience and skills in planning and managing the bidding process will assure the quality of construction, the bid price and the time taken to do the work. We use only pre-qualified contractors and subcontractors lessening the risk to clients and guaranteeing the quality we demand.

  • Construction Phase. Our experience with local contractors and subcontractors and suppliers in addition to our specialized management capabilities will be critical in coordinating, leading, motivating and supporting the contractors and subcontractors to get the results you have been promised.

  • Site Management. Full-time site managers will supervise all activities as well as monitor quality control. The team we will assign is experienced and has the expertise to efficiently and effectively execute the work.


Quality Control Plan

The construction management process implements a dual inspection process to ensure the quality of all construction throughout the building process. The initial responsibility of quality control is undertaken by the construction entity to assure the proper materials and methods are used by the subcontractors/suppliers. The project management staff reviews submittals to assure compliance and the project superintendent will then verify the submittal is complied with and the installation is proper. The design entity representative will then provide verification of all materials and the installation through submittal review and onsite inspection of all phases of the construction. Quality control is thoroughly documented through the submittal logs, daily construction logs and design entity reports. Weekly project meetings will also be held for review of any documents or issues.

Cost And Schedule Control

Creative Builds fully understands the special importance of meeting cost and time requirements on our projects. Our reputation for keeping costs within budget and minimizing change orders depicts our ability to manage costs. We know construction costs and how to control them through constant review.

Value Engineering Process

Daily involvement in the construction industry as a builder provides an in-depth knowledge of the products used and costs associated. This allows the builder to evaluate their first time cost versus useful life. The knowledge gained from this product experience can be utilized prior to construction, determining products with lower first-time costs which will not significantly affect project aesthetics and intended use. These cost saving measures can thus be implemented without affecting appearance, function or useful life.

Planning Throughout

Planning throughout the project is premised by the fact that building construction is a dynamic, ever-changing business. We provide our construction management services with the knowledge that quick reaction to unforeseen changes is of the utmost importance. Our intermediary relationship allows us to receive information quickly from all sources and make decisions as to the best alternatives or course of action. We can then review them immediately with the staff and critical groups involved.


We recognize, and are committed to the standards of excellence you strive to maintain by ensuring complete satisfaction in your building project through financial integrity and project expertise.

We have a proven record of completing commercial construction projects on time, on budget and with the highest quality standards, and have extensive experience in the San Diego market. Our process works, but we’ll let our projects speak for themselves!