More often than not, an owner’s first move after securing financing and receiving the necessary approvals for their project is to hire a design firm to carry on the pre-construction process. After the documents are completed, the owner will then issue a request for proposal to general contractors, review submitted proposals and award the contract. Between the design and contracting firms, the owner has nearly completed hiring their project team. Or have they?

Many projects have an owner’s representative and/or advisor, an individual or company hired to act as an extension to the owner’s staff; protect the owner’s interests; assemble all of the required consultants, design firms, contractors and vendors; and coordinate and effectively communicate to the team throughout the project’s lifecycle. All while paying close attention to budget and schedule.

How Can We Help?

Strategy Development. Creative Builds defines the requirements, roles and responsibilities matrix, ensure the qualification of the project team and coordinates inspections of the project. Our team tailors an individual strategy to meet the short and long-term objectives of the owner’s business, ensuring that they save at the conclusion of all negotiations.

Pre-Construction. The pre-construction phase of a project is crucial, setting the course for a successful job. We ensure that the team understands the owner’s business, industry, goals, vision and financial realities.

With all the key information in mind, the project team partners with the owner to identify the right facility, design and construction program to help achieve the goals within budget and time constraints.


Design Phase. At this stage, the project team has a solid understanding of the business and financial needs, project schedule, cost, job site and the facility’s architectural and mechanical requirements. The scope of the project is set, and creative solutions can take shape to help realize the vision.

Construction. Creative Builds ensures that the construction team, specialty subcontractors, materials vendors maintain all the same quality standards as defined in the scope of the project.

Post Construction. Once the new or renovated facility is complete, Creative Builds provides a post-construction handoff – including warranties and manuals. That includes walk-throughs, hands-on training and core documentation for owners and facility management teams.

Our Advantage

Owners need experts to work on their behalf to bring in-depth project knowledge to the table, be aware of current codes, technologies, design engineering and environmental code trends and assemble the best project team possible. This will allow completion of a successful project from a budget and schedule standpoint while meeting expectations. That’s what we do!